Outgrower Support Program

The Private Forestry Programme (PFP) also uses contractual Outgrower Support Program (OSP) as a tool for developing sustainable and high quality tree growing and strengthening of private plantation forestry-based value chains. In OSP the Programme supports small scale farmers through collaboration with companies, such as Kilombero Valley Teak Company (KVTC) and New Forest Company (NFC).

The OSP increases the area of high quality tree plantations, at the same time taking human rights into account and giving possibilities for poor and vulnerable to participate in the Programme. These plots, as all PFP supported plantations, are established with PFP supported quality seedling material.

Through the OSP, the Programme aims to boost sustainable private forest plantations and subsequent value chain businesses to strengthen the already existing productive plantation forestry cluster in the Southern Highlands and Kilombero Valley.

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"The Private Forestry Programme is implemented jointly by the Government of Finland and the Government of Tanzania".