Vision & Main Objective


The Programme’s vision for the private forestry sector in Tanzania is to provide sustainable income for a wide population within the forestry and related value chains sector, while ensuring the social and environmental sustainability of plantation forestry investments.

The above will ensure that Tanzania will become a significant producer of wood fibre for both domestic and export markets, that tree plantation and forest industry investors will see the Southern Highlands of Tanzania as an attractive potential investment target, and that the national policy and regulatory environment will be supportive of such investments.

Main Objective

The overall objective of the programme is to introduce and strengthen sustainable and inclusive private forestry that contributes to Tanzania’s economic growth and alleviates poverty. While the Programme will support in particular those households in the Southern Highlands with potential for plantation forestry in generating income and employment, it will also safeguard the rights of the vulnerable groups and support their participation in the value chain.

The purpose of the first phase of the Programme (2014-2017) is to see that economically viable, sustainable and inclusive plantation forestry and related value chains provide employment and increased income for private forest owners, SMEs and vulnerable households in the Programme area. The Programme will adapt successful private sector development models to its needs and scale-up their applications in plantation forestry.

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"The Private Forestry Programme is implemented jointly by the Government of Finland and the Government of Tanzania".