What We Do

The Programme aims to increase rural income in its target area, which consists of nine districts in the southern highlands and Kilombero Valley. It will reduce poverty and inequality through developing sustainable plantation forestry and adding value to the entire forest product value chain, from quality seeds planted on the land to quality products sold in markets.

To meet this aim, the Programme will support participatory and sustainable land use planning; facilitate organizing  tree growers into Tree Growers’ Associations (TGAs); develop the capacity of tree growers; support plantation establishment and strengthen plantation management; strengthen extension and business services; and improve the production of industries, especially small and medium enterprises (SMEs) within the value chain. The Programme’s innovative approaches will be evaluated and its best practices disseminated widely within the sector.

The main Programme activities are supporting small holder forest plantations and assisting local wood industry enterprises in business development. The support is given as extension as training services, as well as business incubation assistance.

The Programme will also facilitate the broad development of forestry sector by facilitating dialogue among key stakeholders and by processing proposals for policy, legislative and business development.

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"The Private Forestry Programme is implemented jointly by the Government of Finland and the Government of Tanzania".